Diplomats of Drum
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The Diplomats of Drum are a dynamic 13-piece group who have captivated audiences at festivals around the world with their breath taking variety of tempos, beats, styles and raw on-stage energy. The band’s percussion heavy rhythm section, blazin’ horns, chunky guitars, soulful & rhythmic vocals all fuse effortlessly – to intertwine Malaysian, Asian, Worldly and Contemporary influences. In short, ‘joyously Malaysian, life affirming, and in your face!’

‘Music without Borders’ is their category. You can expect a non-stop, racing performance, building up an upsurge of energy in an almost orchestral collusion. The Diplomats of Drum operates as an organism, truly genetically mutant; their magic is EAR-gasmic and equally enduring.

Imagine one helluva of a party, with loads of loud percussion mixed in with searing melodies and you might have a slight idea of the aural assault that is The Diplomats of Drum.

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DOD Debut Album on the wayyyyyy!

We’re working hard in the studio to complete our debut album, an album that is for the fans! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to catch updates from our studio sessions, some leaked music, behind the scenes footage and of course, bloopers!



USA Tour Confirmed!

The DOD would like to announce that we have just confirmed a tour to the United States of America in the fall of 2014, from September to November! Thus far, confirmed cities are Chicago, Houston, Crockett, Gainesville, Atlanta, Washington DC and New York! Keep it locked here, more info to follow!