Diplomats of Drum
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The Diplomats of Drum strength and reputation is in their live performance. The band thrives in a festive atmosphere and has earned a well-deserved reputation for battering their listeners’ senses and unleashing a wellspring of joy and liberation. Festival audiences always do a double take then dance like dervishes.

The DOD travel the world spreading joy not only at festivals and concerts, but also at corporate events, product launches and have developed a special knack of taking fashion festivals by storm. They also globe-trot organising workshops, run programs for schools and do a lot of community building using drum circles as means of dialogue.

Festivals & Concerts


The Diplomats of Drum are a dish best served live, having a proven pedigree of being one of the most energetic ‘LIVE’ acts around the world. The Mighty DOD is an eclectic, irrepressible party band that plays with rare precision in spite of the good time that is audibly being had by all.

And it doesn’t matter whether or not you speak any of the three or four different languages you are likely to hear during one of their performances; the joy and energy this group generates simply through sound and rhythm communicates something more forceful than words.

Education & Workshops


The Diplomats of Drum are dedicated towards the propagation of music, art & dance, in specific, percussive music education and traditional dance. The band is committed to sharing their knowledge, both through organising workshops and going into schools.

Our focus lies in firstly exposure for students and our audience to the percussion and dance culture, and secondly in imparting skills to keen learners.

All of our workshop sessions can also be catered for the corporate crowd and can easily be a component towards team building and personal development.

Community & Team Building


We strongly believe in helping to build and develop community ties, and the usage of drums and percussion gives us a powerful tool to engage in dialogue with any community anywhere in the world. Our skilled facilitators use a comprehensive approach towards facilitating an inclusive group process.

This approach has also proved to be just as effective in corporate team building settings, whereby drumming in the corporate environment is shown to reduce stress, improve company morale, create better bonding and enhance co-operation between workers, improve communication, and increase productivity.

No matter what setting, the DOD guarantees that we will bring everyone together in a fun and exciting way. Smiles and laughter will be shared among all participants, and a strong feeling of kinship will be experienced.

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